Understanding Wrong-Site Surgeries

Wrong-site surgery is a dangerous form of medical malpractice and, unfortunately, affects far too many patients every year. Medical malpractice is a broad term, and wrong-site surgery is only one subset of it, but medical malpractice can generally be understood as any behavior on the part of a medical practitioner that could be seen as an omission or mistake and that results in injury to a patient.  Naturally, surgery that occurs on the wrong part of a person’s body can cause all kinds of medical problems, including serious injuries and illnesses. Wrong site surgery is a complex topic, and you can learn more about wrong-site surgery here. However, we have provided an overview of this serious and complex topic below.

Breaking Down Wrong-Site Surgeries

A “wrong site” can refer to any body part, but this type of surgical error is generally divided into three categories. These categories, and examples of each, include:

Surgery on the wrong “side.” — A person was supposed to have surgery on his right eye, but the surgery was performed on his left eye instead.
Surgery on the right “side” but wrong spot. — A surgeon operated on the correct side of a person’s body, but on the incorrect specific location.
Incorrect surgical procedure. — A surgeon gets the side and location correct, but performs the wrong procedure on that body part.

Any one of these mistakes could be costly, both physically and financially. A victim might be left with even more medical ailments than he or she had prior to the incident of malpractice, and might also be facing financial costs associated with further medical treatment needed to correct this mistake.  However, if a medical practitioner like a surgeon makes a critical mistake, like wrong-site surgery, victims may have options for pursuing financial compensation to help them with the many losses they have been forced to endure.

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