The Harsh Reality of Birth Injuries

Everyone wants their child to be born safely and without any injuries. Unfortunately, at times, this is not the case. Statistics shows that 29 out every 1,000 children born in the United States sustain birth related injuries. The most prevalent causes of injuries during birth include:

• Prolonged labor
• Small pelvis
• Delayed labor
• Size or positioning of the baby while in the womb
• Negligence from the medical staff assisting with the birth

As depressing as it may sound, children born with birth defects end up living with lifetime challenges and disability, with a good number dying prematurely.

Incidences of Birth Injuries

The most common injuries at birth include nerve damage, bleeding and nerve fractures as well as brain trauma. Additionally, the infant’s skull may swell as a result of the pressure subjected to the scalp during delivery. The bleeding between the skull and its fibrous covering may lead to head injury.  In most instances, these is a likelihood of babies born with the help of forceps, cesarean section or vacuum extraction sustaining cuts on the face or head. Equally, if the positioning of the baby in womb leads to compression of the facial nerve, it is likely that the baby will be born with a deformity.  When the mother experiences delayed or prolonged labor, the baby may sustain injuries to the arms. Again, if the mom has difficulties delivering the baby’s shoulders, fractures to the collar bone may occur.  In other cases, it is critical that the infant is supplied with enough amounts of oxygen. Failure to do so may result in the baby developing complications. In such incidences, it may take resuscitation of the baby to avoid organ damage, coma or seizures.


Problems Associated with Birth Injuries

While not every kid who develops injuries at birth will have complications later on in life, majority suffer from severe conditions such as cerebral palsy, delayed development and inability to learn. Failed attempts to resuscitate a baby at birth may result in death.

Birth Injuries are Avoidable

As gloomy as the reality may be, birth defects can be avoided. Most babies who suffer injuries at birth would have been healthier had the trauma not occurred. As a matter of fact, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) conducted a survey that determined up to 157,000 injuries that occur during birth could be avoided.

When Birth Injuries Occur, What are Your Options?

If your child sustains injuries at birth, he or she may end up being disabled for the rest of their life. In essence, this translates to continual medical assistance for life and the care costs could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In such situations, get in touch with an experienced birth injury lawyer to help establish if the standard of care was breached during delivery. The standard of care stipulates that doctors exercise diligence when handling their patients. If it is determined that the injury of the child was as a result of the doctor’s negligence, the lawyer can help you get compensated for damages and financial loss.  While you may not place any monetary value on the anguish caused by birth defects, financial compensation can help you meet the needs of the child for a long time. Be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer in your locality to discuss the way forward.

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