Injury Attorneys Send a Message for Wrongdoing

Each year personal injury cases pay out billions of dollars to those injured by no fault of their own. Whether they suffered their injuries at home, at work or while on the road these injuries were no fault of their own and result in a rather large personal injury payout to cover medical expenses, loss of work, other financial expenses as well as to provide them with a more financially stable future in as compensation for the pain and suffering they may have experienced as a result of their injury.  While personal injury lawyers usually get a bad reputation from uninformed citizens, they are paramount to keeping large corporations and the medical industry in check.  “Frivolous lawsuits is a term coined by the insurance industry to gain advantageous laws and blame attorneys for high insurance rates” said Matthew R. Clark, an injury attorney for the Clark Law Office based in Lansing, Michigan.  Even if the injured victim is unable to collect the award, a powerful message can be sent to the rest of the world as in the case of Robbie Middleton.

The Largest Personal Injury Case Award in the United States

In the United States the biggest personal injury case award was that of Robbie Middleton who was attacked on his eighth birthday, June 28, 1998, when he was walking through a wooded area in Splendora, Texas. Robbie’s attack was horrific, gasoline was poured over his body and he was lit on fire. A neighbor found the boy and immediately called the police. Surprisingly, having been burned over 99% of his body, Robbie survived his injuries. However he died 12 short years later due to skin cancer than his family’s lawyers argued was due to his burns and skin grafts.  Robbie Middleton’s family sued Donald Collins for this heinous crime, pouring gasoline over their son’s body and lighting him on fire. Shortly after Robbie Middleton’s death a La Grange, Texas jury awarded Robbie’s family with $150 Billion dollars for damages. While Robbie’s family won this personal injury case against Collins he has never been criminally prosecuted for this crime. The family is choosing to use this money to fund the investigation and prosecution of Collins.

This is one of the largest personal injury cases in the United States. The $150 Billion dollars that Robbie’s family was awarded from his personal injury case will not take away the pain and suffering he experienced or ease the pain his family has experienced throughout his recovery and then death, but it will help his family to have closure on what has happened to their beloved Robbie.

Attorneys Tip the Scales in Your Favor

While not every victim wins their personal injury case those that do are offered comfort knowing that what they went through, be it painful and traumatic, it will be financially compensated showing the wrongdoing of the other individual. There have been billions of dollars paid out for personal injury cases, if you have suffered an injury at no fault of your own contact an attorney to seek financial compensation and a form of closure on your personal injury.

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