Elderly Woman Dead in Unfortunate Escalator Accident

With all of the world’s dangers daily commuters face today, from speeding vehicles to deadly train collisions, none are more rare and unfortunate than death by an escalator. CBSNEWS posted news of an 88-year-old woman in Long Island who was strangled to death when her clothes caught in an escalator. While on her way to visit her daughter in Manhattan, the woman walked to the train station and took an escalator at the Long Island Railroad Station in Lindenhurst. After falling on the escalator her clothing became tangled and suffocated her.  Neighbors described the woman as a very friendly person. She frequently visited her daughter but most likely never expected her life to end with an escalator accident. As unfortunate as this accident was, such events occur in United States once in a while. Our condolences go out to the woman’s daughter, who must be in shock at this time.

While a full investigation is still under way, there is no clear responsible party yet. Commuters say the escalator was often out of service, while the rail road company says it’s been maintained properly and remained in a “good operating condition”.  No matter the actual cause of this incident, I think we can all agree that this occurrence is downright freaky and left other daily commuters thinking about their safety today. The last thing that crosses our mind when we think about our ultimate demise is suffocating by an escalator. However, these things do happen and when they do, we often try to react to the circumstances instead of thinking about possible dangers proactively.  Does your daily commute involve taking an escalator or two? Mine does, and you can bet that I’ll be thinking twice before rushing my way up the escalator – if not for my own safety then the safety of others.

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